Semiconductors have had a massive impact on our society since the time they were discovered. You find semiconductors at the heart of microprocessor chips as well as transistors. Anything that's computerized or uses radio waves depends on semiconductors. This makes us pause and ponder about the plethora of avenues it brings in the field of technological advancements. What we do is analyze all the possibilities where semiconductors can help bring about a positive difference and begin our testing and experimentation campaign.

Following are the fields we have rich R&D experiences in :

ASIC, FPGA & IP Development

  • System architecture — [Software models, Simulation, RTL models, Performance analysis]
  • Micro architecture & Implementation — [Detailed block diagram, Documentation, Coding using System Verilog]
  • Verification — [System Verilog UVM Methodology, Planning, Functional/ Formal/ Random/ Targeted Testing]
  • Physical design — [Synthesis, Floor planning, Clocking, Library layout, Place and route, Timing analysis, DFT, Synthesis, Static timing analysis, Power Analysis, Design Rule Checks/LVS, Signal Integrity]
  • Technology re-mapping work — [ASIC to FPGA, FPGA to ASIC, and Process technology changes]
  • Post silicon activities — [Bring-up, Characterization, Certification, Compliance]
  • SOC integration — [ARM, PowerPC, x86, MIPS, MicroBlaze, PicoBlaze, Nios]
  • FPGA Technologies — [Altera, Stratix, Cyclone, Arria, Xilinx, Virtex, Spartan, Actel, ProASIC3]
  • FPGA prototyping: [ASIC, Semi-custom, Custom]
  • Other — [Technical marketing, Field support, Technical / Customer support]