Printed Circuit Boards

A printed circuit board (PCB) basically acts as a mechanical support that additionally provides electrical connectivity to all the electronic components on-board using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. PCBs can be single-sided ( having one copper layer), double sided ( having two copper layers) or multi-layered. Advanced PCBs may contain components such as - capacitors, resistors or/and active devices, embedded in the substrate as per the application requirements. PCB Engineering requires identification of feasibility issues during early stages of design and expertise to effectively fix the same.

We deal in various aspects of PCB design and development as mentioned below :

  • Wide Range of Microprocessor & Microcontroller Families Supported — [Intel, TI, Atmel, Philips, Freescale, Siemens, Hitachi, ARM, Microchip, Winbond, Dallas, Zilog, ST, Analog, Cygnal, Rabbit, Fujitsu, Xilinx, Altera, Samsung]
  • Component Selection and Procurement
  • Schematic Generation
  • PCB Layout Work
  • High Speed PCBs
  • RF PCBs
  • Commercial, Industrial and Military Grade PCBs
  • Design Simulation and Analysis
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Validation and Testing
  • System Integration and Testing
  • Compliance and Certification
  • Volume Manufacturing & Testing